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  • Ticapo


    Psychology, sleep, and travel enthusiast. Loves working with refugees and people with dementia. Dreams about making documentaries and living in the jungle.

  • Nicole Akers

    Nicole Akers

    Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.

  • Cam Billings

    Cam Billings

    Freelance copywriter. Join the victor culture today to unlock your best life! Take action. Make mistakes. Learn. Implement. Win.

  • Dan Foster

    Dan Foster

    Writer, Poet, Blogger: Tackling life, faith, culture, religion, politics, and spirituality. Newsletter: danfosterwriter.com/subscribe

  • Unbecoming


    Stories of a former military wife, her flawed marriage and its ending. Questions? Lemme know at marinecorpsexwife(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Madeleine Nyberg

    Madeleine Nyberg

  • Pam Winter

    Pam Winter

    Christian. Wife. Mimi and animal lover. Owner of ‘Boomers, Bitches, and Babes.’ I write essays on many things, plus memories. Humorous, snarky and blush proof.

  • Beth Bach

    Beth Bach

    Figuring out life in Austin, Texas. 20-yr veteran cat rescuer and all-around animal lover who is happiest outside. https://bethbach.medium.com/membership

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