And how they can improve your quality of life

A danish row of homes with a bike.

It looks adorable, doesn’t it? The charming old, quaint houses on a cobblestone side street. Almost like a colorful puzzle. This is an old photo I shot years ago when visiting a town in the northern part of Denmark. These homes are unique in American eyes, but for a Scandinavian…

Day in, day out.

You might wonder: Why? Why eat this, every single day?

The Norwegian tradition for this meal, called packed lunch goes way back. A slice or two of whole wheat bread, with cheese, jam, or liver paste topping it.


This lunch actually originates from a breakfast initiative named The Oslo Breakfast

2. You are not done once the book is published

Image of male child holding up books

It all started with an idea, as most things do. I struggled with finding modern, simple-looking children’s books that could help teach my son about colors. So I decided to make my own during my second parental leave.

I teamed up with my best friend and illustrator, and together we…

Even in snow and rain.

You might have heard about Scandinavians and their obsession with fresh air. It’s a tradition that goes way back, and it starts early. Get fresh air every day, and stay outdoors as much as possible. There’s an old saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad…

Beyond meters and liters.

If you know me, you know I often tend to write about life in Scandinavia and life in the U.S. As a Norwegian living overseas, I can’t help it. I compare back and forth and I am constantly weighing the pros and cons about both countries. I love them both…

The good, the bad, and everything in-between

I never celebrated Halloween growing up. I guess I’m old, because Halloween hadn’t made it to Norway when I was a kid. No one went trick-or-treating. It’s becoming a bigger thing every year, and by now you’ll find Halloween decorations in most stores.

In the United States, though, Halloween has…

And other American food habits I don’t get

As a Norwegian in the United States, I enjoy exploring the food in this country. There are so many dishes they make here that I absolutely love, and even going to the grocery store can be an adventure, for better and for worse. …

Or meltdowns, depending on the day.

We were going out to buy pumpkins the other day. In America, you go overboard with all things fall. There are pumpkins everywhere. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin candles. This orange fruit tends to be everywhere, in everything. …

For one, you don’t get fired on the other side of the Atlantic

Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

Balancing work and personal life is a never-ending dilemma in the U.S. I am currently experiencing it myself, and it is much harder than I expected before moving here. It’s no secret Europeans in general have a more laidback attitude towards work, and you often hear the saying: “I don’t…

Some I just can’t wrap my head around

I love America, I really do, but there are a few (ok, quite a few) things I am not very fond of about this country. As I find myself raising kids here, many of my questions evolve around that these days.


Why are sports in America so ridiculously competitive at…

Sara Melissa Frost

Journalist. Mom. Wife. Norwegian in the US. Minimalist-ish. Top Writer in Food, Parenting, and Photography.

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