2. You are not done once the book is published

Image of male child holding up books
Image of male child holding up books
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

It all started with an idea, as most things do. I struggled with finding modern, simple-looking children’s books that could help teach my son about colors. So I decided to make my own during my second parental leave.

I teamed up with my best friend and illustrator, and together we started the process of creating a children’s book series including a yellow book, a blue book, a green book, and yes, you guessed it, a red book.

Naive Journalists

It was an incredibly fun project, and we had a blast making the books. Once it was published (self-published), we patted ourselves on…

Even in snow and rain.

Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

You might have heard about Scandinavians and their obsession with fresh air. It’s a tradition that goes way back, and it starts early. Get fresh air every day, and stay outdoors as much as possible. There’s an old saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Meaning, dress up (preferably in layered wool) and get outside.

It is not uncommon to see newborns bundled up in their stroller and left outside to nap. Some parents even go as far as leaving the baby in their stroller outside a cafe with a baby monitor while they…

Day in, day out.

Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

You might wonder: Why? Why eat this, every single day?

The Norwegian tradition for this meal, called packed lunch goes way back. A slice or two of whole wheat bread, with cheese, jam, or liver paste topping it.

This lunch actually originates from a breakfast initiative named The Oslo Breakfast, which started in the early 1930s. At this time, Norway was not a wealthy country, and there was a lot of poverty in the country and its capital. The Oslo Breakfast was a program run by the government that provided a free meal to school children.

Most of the time…

Photo Essay

I went to Norway between two lockdowns

Holding Hands
Holding Hands
My son and I. Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

I never expected I would have such a fond travel memory from this place. It is a tiny town called Fevik, located on the southern coastline of Norway, with a little over 5000 people filling it.

In Norwegian eyes, this town is something you drive past. It’s not really a travel destination, as the fjords in Rogaland or the northern lights in Finnmark. The town is not spectacular, or something you pay too much attention to.

The old-style plain lifestyle might have some benefits, after all

Amish horse & buggy in Lancaster, PA
Amish horse & buggy in Lancaster, PA
Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

I have always been fascinated by people that don’t live and act the way most of us do. I know, I am generalizing here. The point being, I am fascinated by those not living a life that society looks at as mainstream and normal. You know, owning a TV, driving off to work, wearing a dress if you want to. Those things.

The Amish people are quite unique. The history of the Amish begins in 1693 in Switzerland, with a group of Swiss and Alsatian Mennonite Anabaptists. They were led by Jakob Ammann, and his followers became known as Amish…

It might be time to press pause.

Photo of authors sister

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… And Eliminate These 5643 Things

I just came up with the titles up there, but they sound like something you’ve read somewhere, don’t they?

Self-improvement is defined as: the act or process of improving oneself by one’s…

Breathe in, breathe out.

Me and my 3. Photo by my husband.

I did not plan on becoming a young mom, but here I am. I was 25 when I had my first son, and 30 when I had my last son (he is our last one, I swear!).

I am beyond thankful for my 3 boys. There are days when I am just about to lose it and go nuts, but somehow I manage. During my journey, I have failed a lot, learned a lot, and overall I think I’ve grown both as a human being and as a mom. Here are 30 things I have learned along the way:

  1. It…

That valuable one-on-one time applies for parents, too

Mother and son going on a hike in the forest spending quality time together.
Mother and son going on a hike in the forest spending quality time together.
Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

Recently my son has been asking if he and I can go on walks together. Every single day he will ask if we can go, just me and him.

He is my oldest one, my six-year-old. He has two siblings, so I get that he wants to get out of the house sometimes. He is so independent, I often forget that he’s just 6. That he needs his alone time with me, too. So when he started asking me if we can go on walks, I always try to carve out some time, just for the two of us. Doesn’t…

Almost half of the global demand for polished diamonds comes from the U.S.

Photo by TranStudios Photography & Video from Pexels

I am all for celebrating love, engagements, and marriage. What I just can’t wrap my head around is the engagement rings in the United States. Why do they have to be so ridiculously big?

Nearly half of the world’s demand for polished diamonds comes from the U.S. with a 48 percent share of global demand in 2019. Engagement rings are often an important status indicator for some, even more so if you live in an upscale area or in a big city.

On average, the American proposer spends about $5,500 on an engagement ring. …

And 3 reasons for why it was the best decision I ever made

Photo by Tyler Kaslik on Unsplash

2020 turned everything upside down for most of us. Habits, lifestyles, our way of thinking. Exercising.

Right before the pandemic hit I was about to sign up to be a member at the local gym, after having my third baby. I had lost the so-called baby weight, but I wanted to overall feel better. Before I was able to sign the papers, everything shut down, gym included. As it should.

When there was nothing else to go to, I started using nature for all it was worth. I went on long walks, hikes, runs, you name it. And after doing…

Sara Melissa Frost

Journalist. Mom. Wife. Norwegian in the US. I usually find myself writing about Scandinavia, Parenting and Food. Minimalist-ish.

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