Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

Last year I planted a vegetable garden. I do not have green fingers. My garden project was more out of desperation and boredom, I just need to do something, Covid-hobby, more than than anything. But what do you know, slowly, those seeds started sprouting.

The upside

The fact that I actually managed to grow something green surprised me. I have never been able to keep as much as a single plant alive. It was satisfying picking my own vegetables rather than buying them at some random grocery store.

Also, the environmental benefits of growing your own food are priceless. You know exactly…

Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

You might have heard about Scandinavians and their obsession with fresh air. It’s a tradition that goes way back, and it starts early. Get fresh air every day, and stay outdoors as much as possible. There’s an old saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Meaning, dress up (preferably in layered wool) and get outside.


It is not uncommon to see newborns bundled up in their stroller and left outside to nap. Some parents even go as far as leaving the baby in their stroller outside a cafe with a baby monitor while they…

Photo by Sara Melissa Frost

I scrolled through my photo memories from New York City the other day, and I stumbled upon this photo. If you have been in the City and visited Tribeca, odds are you have seen this cute tiny house on 135 West Broadway, squeezed in between buildings. The townhouse looks out of place, and maybe that’s what makes it so special.

The townhouse is now a highly rated restaurant and bar, but the building has a long and rich history before it ended up in the hands of the three siblings Ana, Matt & Jack Abramcyk that are currently running Tiny’s.

211 years old

Woman sitting by a lake at dusk, staring down at her phone
Woman sitting by a lake at dusk, staring down at her phone
Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Being online 24/7 does something to you.

Trying to constantly beat last week’s stats. Keeping up the engagement. Responding to comments. Dealing with the not-so-nice comments. Coming up with, and posting the best content — at the right time. Keeping sponsors and clients happy. Making your boss happy.

Doing it all over again.

Lingering Stress

If you work or have worked as a social media manager, you probably know the stressful feeling I am talking about. That feeling that’s constantly lingering.

In the beginning, I didn’t realize that being a social media manager had negatively impacted my mental health. I was just…

Sara Melissa Frost

Journalist. Mom. Wife. Norwegian in the US. I usually find myself writing about Scandinavia, Parenting and Food. Minimalist-ish.

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